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Tara Dublin
Fantastic Bodywork! i just had my 1st session with Rich and I can't wait to go back! Rich asks a lot of questions before your session to find out about your trouble spots, and the questions continue as you work with him during the session. This is not a spa experience where you lay like a lump of raw dough being kneaded; you are an active participant in healing your aches along with Rich. He coaches your breathing through the tougher spots, always with a kind and healing tone in his voice. Rich honed in on my most troublesome spots while also giving attention to places I wasn't aware I needed it. Rich is intuitive when it comes to knowing just how much pressure you need and how to coach you through the more tender areas. I cannot recommend him enough, and I'm already looking forward to my next session.
You'll Never Seek Another For anyone that has tried multiple massage therapists and haven't found THE one. Here he is. Intuition and skill all wrapped in a professional package. Results that last for much longer. Does your therapist address neck strap muscles? ACTUALLY reach that spot under you scapula that your sure is going to need removing to get to. Rich gets it. Hands of talent that LISTEN to what your body is saying instead of going through the motions.
Mark Mooney
A gifted therapist I have had a lot of body work over the last 25 years, mostly due to long standing issues from a spinal cord injury many years ago. I won't let just anyone work on me and won't lie still for a "fluff and buff". Rich is an intuitive and gifted body worker. He takes the time to understand my issues and pulls in multiple disciplines to solve my problems. His intent is to facilitate deep healing and he works with you, not on you. I am impressed and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
André Gooren
Phenomenal Experience My back has been a source of constant discomfort for years--the combined result of neglect, poor choices and genetics. It is a problem that I had grown to accept. A few years ago my fiancée and I had a massage, an experience I found underwhelming. During the aimless kneading, the masseuse happened to hit a particularly bad spot on my back and I nearly jumped off the table in pain. That was my only experience prior to my session with Rich. A few weeks ago my shoulder started aching. It was unbearable and after a few days I was ready to try anything. Rich was recommended by a friend of my fiancée who is currently studying to become a licensed massage therapist. From the moment we started speaking it was apparent that Rich knew what he was doing. Before we began he started a dialogue and used the information I provided to figure out which areas to focus on. He was professional, calm, and incredibly skilled. He began with a minimal amount of oil in order to get a feel for the muscles. He listens to your feedback and really understands how the body works. Throughout the session he emphasized the importance of deep, controlled breathing. He was able to slowly work the muscles in my lower back. When I began the session, my lower back was sensitive to even slight pressure and my shoulder ached. After one hour with Rich, I felt ten years younger and so much more limber and relaxed. I cannot overemphasize how incredible this experience was. Rich is absolutely incredible. I have wholeheartedly recommended him to just about everyone I know. I will definitely be visiting him again!